CGI and Javascript--how to do this - Need some help on routing form response data

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I have implemented this when loading html docs:
First window has frames. Link in a frame creates a new window and loads it with a html doc. Link in 2nd window, closes 2nd window and loads a new html doc into a different frame in the first window. see:
Problem is this. How do I do the same when I am trying to load on-the-fly pages generated by cgi. When I am doing a straightforward on-the-fly page load, I use a form, specify the target and the returned doc goes where its suppossed to. To get the above scenario to work, I had to drop the target="name" in the links as Internet Explorer would not function properly. So, how do I get the cgi to go to the right destinations? (Problem is to get the on-the-fly from 2nd window to go to the other frame in the first window)

Thanks for any help!

Alan Izat