What is nature of solar power?

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I was suggested with aiso.net net as decent web hosting provider (mainly dedicated server provider). As I see they use solar power for their deicated servers and I can't get if that is good or bad when host use such power supply. What can you say about Aiso? Are they the onece I can trust?

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Solar power is by definition power derived from the Sun.

Typically the solar energy is transformed into electricity by photovoltaic cells. Sometimes it is generated by heat exchange.

Many web hosts are joining the "green initiative" by deriving some of their energy needs from solar, water or wind power, or other renewable sources.

I would say it is a good thing, helping the environment.

Currently the technologies are generally more expensive than traditional fossil fuel generated energy, so the costs may be passed on.

It is also important, if you are making a detailed investigation, to find out how the energy is supplied in addition to the solar energy and in case of problems, what is the source and reliability of backup energy?

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