things disapearing after publishing site

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I had wordpress installed by wp on my domain before i published the actual domain, now that I have, my blog shows only the files. Reading some differnt things I believ it may be due the blog being in the root file of the domain. How difficult is it and how do I move it out of the root file to a different location?

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It seems odd that it doesn't work if installed by wp. It shouldn't make any difference being installed in your root folder i.e. the /web folder on your host. My wordpress is installed in the root (in other words I just go to rather than and works fine.

It might be that it has been uploaded to you webspace (the files placed there) but not installed. To install wordpress once uploaded you need to go to the location of the install.php file. If wp is installed in your root folder then this location will be

A full explanation can be found in the Wordpress Codex here.

I'm not sure but it might be caused by a MySQL database not being set up but SQL isn't my strong point.

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Hmm... Doesn't sound right. Have you checked your permissions? I've experience some weird things with permissions and wordpress. Also your .htaccess file sometimes can mess things up too.

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CMS systems such as Wordpress and Joomla - in my experience - require the installation and set-up to take place on the actual domain. Ever if you move the files to a new domain, it requires quite a bit of work to change settings varying from the config file to the database itself. has some useful info to how to do that.

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