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I attended the live webinar, it was really annoying that their delivery required a phone line for the audio, my phone's battery went dead 15 minutes before the end Sticking out tongue

The webinar is about the server architecture and configuration, I struggled to find any relevance to my php/mysql and Drupal development - it is pretty Java oriented, as you would expect. They did say you can run Drupal on Glassfish (in response to my question), but I did not see the advantage.

It seems to be a scalable solution with good caching, if you need that sort of thing...

I wondered, are they trying to boost the implementation of Java apps, which seem to be in decline?

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I wouldn't say java applications are in decline - they really are everywhere, and quite popular "in the enterprise".

I suppose it may be possible to run the PHP engine in the server, but there are other servers much better suited to that end. If you want to check out a Java CMS for a change of pace, there are a few good open source ones. I've heard quite highly of 'dotCMS':


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