Starting with CentOS 6

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I just installed CentOS 6 on Win 7 / Virtual Box ( I want to set up a server at home and learn how to do it etc. I am wondering about few things:

1) Do I have the right program (It has a GUI and I am not sure if it is the server "edition"; I followed the following video and person is talking about Server, so... (

2) Does everything about Red Hat, like books, certification training materials, tutorials on the net etc, apply to CentOS as well, or is it better to stick just to CentOS materials

3) What is the general direction I need to go now (modify the system according to my needs, learn command line, istall a program like Webmin or cPanel, install MySQL and PHP etc; just looking for genereal ideas of how is it gonna look etc)

Thank you

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I believe the installer gives you the option to install a GUI or not, and cPanel requires that a GUI *not* be installed for security reasons.

Red Hat is very similar, but I would seek CentOS documentation first.

What's the main purpose for this server? I install Webmin on all servers that are dev or only my use. I only install cPanel on web servers that my customers will have to perform maintenance tasks on.

Here is a good article for a LAMP setup:

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Wow, all this is really new to me. I can only dream of one day understanding how to set up my own server. I always wondered if I made it secure enough if it would actually save me hosting costs in the long run. It will take me awhile to make it through all these steps and I haven't decided if I should use this software yet or another.

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