Running your own server.

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Cheers! How do you, make and run a server, my site is remotely hosted. But i was hoping to someday have my own server. I know you need a deticated computer and a internet connection. But what else do you needlike software, e.t.c. Please if you feel like it explain it to me........

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Several ways to have your own server.

1.) Get a dedicated server at a webhost. Can be expensive, anywhere from $50-300/month. This is really only a viable option if (a.) you have enough clients to pay for the monthly charge, (b.) you have enough skill to manage the server.
2.) Get a colo. This is where you buy/build your own rackmount server and send it to a host that will hook it up to their network. The cost is a good bit less but you do have the expense of the hardware. (a.) and (b.) above still apply.
3.) Many people will install IIs or Apache on their local computer and use their regular broadband connection and a service like to keep up with their dynamic connection. I can't really recommend doing this since it often violates the EULA of your ISP and other things like your computer has to be on 24/7 and can be insecure.

The best route to take if you want to learn things IMO is to run a local Linux server. Learn how to manuever around and how apache works, etc. At the same time, get a reseller account at a host and sell some web space to some of your buddies. Learn how to manage things on that end. Then when your skill level is up and you have enough accounts, go to a dedicated box. At work, we run our own webserver but we have a full T1 line and the system is hooked up to a backup generator in case the power fails. Power and connection problems are the two big things that prevent you from running out of your house.

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