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Since we are all aware of the rising demands for proxy scripts and concerns about quality.
This concerns I believe, have however been addressed such that a proxy script on the market with
phphantom stealth mods to block websense is what I use.

coupled with the fact that they already have a great link anonymizer to hide links
and have continued to build and update more proxy related mods including free proxy hosting an plugins.
It can be found on several websites including, and

This is the best I have found on the market.
Has anyone else tried it or used another one, lets compare for educational and quality purposes.

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Have you used it yourself?

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I haven't tried that to myself.

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It takes more work for a program to ignore case when comparing data, depending on the data being compared. Usually it suffices in text coded in character sets like [[ASCII]] or [[EBCDIC]] to merely convert the comparand and the data temporarily to one case and then compare; however it becomes far more challenging in a multi-lingual environment, e.g., using [[Unicode]], since case-conversion rules differ between some languages,
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Is it possible to rewrite dynamic URL consist of several parameter into static URL on Windows Server?

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