php functions 5 second delay

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recently my host provider finished a re-install of the OS

Now a 5 second parse time on PHP functions has occured!

for example:
when I use a
include '' \\ with http
include ''
this adds at least five seconds to parse in the browser PER each and every "include" used on the webpage.

when I use a
include '' \\ with a server path
include '/home/y21115/public_html/word/file.txt'
script works great is fast, and speedy

After a support ticket to my host provider and a long 5 days wait // histeria
my host replied with try server IP and nameservers ....

include ''
the script works great is fast, and speedy.

So where Im having the issue is
'http://' or 'nameservers'

General server information:
Operating system Linux
Kernel version 2.4.21-4.ELsmp
Machine Type i686
Apache version 1.3.33 (Unix)
PHP version 4.3.11
cPanel Build 10.2.0-RELEASE 82
Theme cPanel X v2.5.0

My account was recently upgraded to a 'reseller'
the main account domain is on a shared IP
I have addon domains with seperate accounts, each and every account has this same issue with PHP.

additionally one account I have created in my reseller account has a SSL certificate and dedicated IP. This domain account also has this same issue.

five second wait is not alot being a lone page with one script, but some of my webpages contain numerous PHP includes and file_get per page. The load time is dreadful.

can anyone help debug this issue ????

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I really can't see why you would ever include a url. It will always be slower and more suspectible to cross-scripting and the like. The path would always be faster in my opinion.

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Im only looking to debug this issue..

Is this an enabled security measure or if this is a host that I can rely on ??

RSS feeds which use http for accessing files on another server, like YaHoo dont usually take 5 seconds... what can be done ?

my host offer only one solution, to my huge problem ...

"Ok how about we try moving your account to another server. I can\'t guarantee this will work but we could at least try ???"

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