Multiple Servers - One Domain

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Hey, I'm not sure if this is the right category, but I'm looking for some answers. I want to set up one domain and have its subdomains point to different servers.

Example: -> Server 1 -> Server 1 -> Server 2 -> Server 3

I've been researching for hours and I've come up with nothing. Please help!

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What exactly are you looking for? Exact steps on how to set it up? general info on how it works? Can it be done?

To help you better, can you give more information, like are these your own servers, what are you using for nameservers? Will each server have it's own static public IP address? (ie, real world ones, not internal private ones like, etc)


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if they are dedicated servers its simply a matter of setting up the NS for each and pointing the subs to them.. but as greg says be specific that way people can help you more.

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I'm looking for steps to set it up and an explanation on how it works. These are not my servers atm, but they are owned by my friend. For nameservers I am using and

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