modzilla thunderbird problem

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modzilla thunderbird problem

Im having problems for the first time this morning as a result i cant read my e-mails.

listed below is infomation to help

Which version of Thunderbird? Check Help>About for the version number.

* What operating system? Windows XP
* What is the exact wording of the error message you are receiving? Failed to connect to server xxxxxxx
* Do you have any extensions installed? No since I have no idea what they are
* Do you use a theme other than the default? no idea
* What kind of mail - POP, IMAP? Pop
* Is your mail service from an ISP, corporate e-mail system or Web-based? NOT SURE ITS STREAMLINE
* Are you using an antivirus and/or a firewall program? Which ones? Norton Internet Security 2009
* Do you regularly compact your folders? Weekly or more often is strongly recommended. Check for more information on compacting folders. No
* Without divulging your e-mail address or account name, what are your server settings, including server name and port number for:
+ Tools>Account Settings>*account*>Server Settings? pop port 110
+ Tools>Account Settings>Outgoing Server (SMTP)?


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dl wrote:
Failed to connect to server xxxxxxx

Was this working fine before AND you have not changed ANYTHING since it was working? That is changed ISP, changed or updated your Firewall, changed any settings on your mail server or if it's an ISP /other one you have no control over has someone else changed something? You still own the account?

It is possible the server where the email is hosted at is having connection issues.
So is the domain name the email goes to accessible via http?
Try typing it into your browser address bar, eg, for "[email protected]" you would type "" into your address bar.

Have you changed any Thunderbird settings or updated it? This is a common reason as some firewalls wont allow software (Thunderbird) to access the internet when an update has been performed to that software. They class the new software version as a new program, rather than an updated one.
The easy solution is to disable the firewall, any anitvirus software and other spy ware, hack etc software you have running and try again.

If this fixes it, turn them on one by one until you cannot get emails again then fix the software that caused the issue.

I can't think of anything else

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