Linux Server on your Windows Desktop

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As web technicians we often have to test and run our creations on a test site.

Here's a way you can have an apache server dishing up Drupal PHP and Perl cgi script running on your windows desktop.

Not only that, but you'll get the chance to experiment with a linux machine without having to partition your hard drive or log out of windows.

It's called Portable Ubuntu and it's built on top of the Cooperative Linux (Colinux) virtual machine.

Here's a review of the app.

All for free!

The Portable Ubuntu installation should give the user another machine on the network running Ubuntu which is accessible through local LAN IP using a remote desktop (for the graphical user interface) or a SSH tool like Putty. Or, indeed, your web browser.

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This is really nice. Is there any similar release for Red Hat Distro ??

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great thing, gonna try it right now, If you want red hat distro I think you must do it by installing it on virtual machine, it should work

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I like to use
What's included:
* Ubuntu Linux, Apache, MySQL, APC, XDebug, IMAP, UploadProgress
* Firefox (with developer plugins) and Chrome
* Drush and an install script for Aegir
* Apache Solr
* Netbeans and Eclipse
* cvs, subversion, git, bazaar

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I thins this will be due to Virtualization & Automation Solutions for Desktops, Servers.

I found some thing interested here :

Hope You also like this article.


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I thin this is due to virtualization and automation solutions for desktops, servers. I found something of interest here:

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Good, will try now, if you want Red Hat distro think you have to do with installing it on the virtual machine, it should work

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