IMAP and virtual servers

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Hi, I work for a company looking to switch web hosts.

we need at least 10 gigs of space, 150 g transfer, IMAP mail and the ability to backup mail.

how do I know if IMAP is offered, most companies don't mention it. My personal webhost doesn't mention it though I can set it up.

With a virtual server...would I just install communigate (or something) on a virtual sirver??

clearly I am a little confused by this whole thing...would someone please point me in the right direction ??

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Most all would offer IMAP. You can contact sales to find out for sure if they don't list it.

Not too sure what you mean by Virtual Server. You shouldn't really have to install anything, just move your files over and change the nameservers at your Registar...and wait a little bit.

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