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I have a domain, eg, with various sub-domains, eg I would like to change the homepage of from index.html to index.php. To achieve this I added the line "redirect 301 /index.html" to .htaccess. Although this works for the main domain it also redirects the homepages of the subdomains to How can I restrict the re-direct to the root directory of the top domain and leave sub-domains and sub-directories untouched?

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What software are you using to build your site?

If you've got both index.html and index.php you can simply just delete the index.html page.

The search engine will look for index.html and when it doesn't find it it'll then look for the alternatives and find index.php

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Hi Friend,
for error page we do not use any software we simply use this code and simply paste it on server.


Error 404 - Not Found



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In what way does the redirect fail? What actually happens?

Where in the .htaccess file is the code positioned?

Where in the server filesystem is the .htaccess file placed?

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You can put the following code in .htaccess file to pull up the website using index.php

DirectoryIndex index.php index.html

The first on the list should be index.php. You can add others to the list as well like index.htm, home.htm, default.htm.

But keep in mind by default your server pulls index.html first and you want to use this method to pull index.php first in the event that both files exist in a directory, this acts recursively. So for the sub-domains you have to create .htaccess file for sub-domain separately and revert the changes back, if you want sub-domain to access using index.html page you will need to put following code in .htaccess file

DirectoryIndex index.html index.php

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