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Hi this is my first post Cheers!

I have a webhosting and they dont let me create more than 1 ftp account, I have created 5 folders in my ftp directory and I was going to create 5 ftp accounts so my friends have access to their specific folder.
Since I can't create more than 1 ftp account, I want to know if there is any software or something I can do about this, I want to set up something online and give them an username and password, something like

they go there, submit the username and password, they access to their specific folder and they upload/manage their files.

I can't find a file manager or something like this.
Thanks for helping.

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What type of hosting do you have (server side wise?) for PHP there is a program called file manager, allows people to upload, edit, delete files etc. if you password protect the folder via your control panel it might not be enough to stop each person viewing other peoples folders as you'd be able to go up, down and across to other directories.
Hosts often don't give more than one ftp account for a reason - security

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godaddy deluxe package, linux server.

Quote: for PHP there is a program called file manager

I googled it and I can't find it, would you please post the link.


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Ouch, GoDaddy is about the worst host around. It may be difficult getting things to work with them.

Docman for Joomla and Mambo works pretty well.

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