FFMPEG on Windows XP

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Has anyone got any idea how to install ffmpeg on windows?

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benf wrote: Has anyone got any idea how to install ffmpeg on windows?

You'd have to compile it I imagine, that's if it even works on that platform. That will be a nightmare for someone who hasn't got experience of compiling things from source.

I'm about to write a HOWTO on setting up an Ubuntu GNU/Linux home web server, I could write a companion article about ffmpeg if you like. It will involve a bit of command line action, but it'll be easier than you think (often it's literally copy-and-paste commands). I can't really help with the Windows stuff unfortunately.

If you just need a local copy to fiddle with what I've got in mind should be fine. It'll be easier than trying to compile/install it on a Windows system in my opinion. For example, to install FFMPEG on my home system all I have to do is type:

sudo apt-get install ffmpeg'

It's as simple as that. I could also use the graphical installer in case anyone reading this has command-line phobia. Smiling

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