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I generate pages dynamically for most parts on my mammoth size website. Now, I suddenly discovered that I have ended up generating a whole lot of duplicate pages. How do I get rid of all these? I mean from the search engine indexes... I know about the no index no follow tag, and the 301 redirects. But I am unsure about what to do... can somebody suggest? Adding redirects to all the pages would be a real pain for me...



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Could you give us some examples of your duplicate content?

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Here goes...


ya, Confused i didnt know they were case sensitive... the URLs...


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I see a lot of results on google when I do a site: operator search. This should not be, I do not have so many pages on my website. Now, I have submitted my sitemap recently. Can multiple sitemap submission cause this problem? Do I have to contact Google about this? Thank you.


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To remove your pages from Google, I suggest you register your web-site with Google Webmaster Tools. It has an option Remove URLs to help you remove urls.

The quote below is taken from that page:

Quote: To remove content from the Google index, do one of the following:

* Ensure requests for the page return an HTTP status code of either 404 or 410.
* Block the page using a robots.txt file.
* Block the page using a meta noindex tag.

Your content will then be removed from the index the next time Google crawls your site. If you need to expedite your content removal, make sure you have met one of the requirements listed above, and then select the New Removal Request button below to use this automated tool.

Hope it helps.

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Thanks for nice tips.

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