Does changing server's IP address affect search engine rankings?

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Hi all....

If the IP address of the server is changed, then does it have any effects on search engine rankings?

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I had to change the IP address range on my dedicated server a few months ago, and I did not notice a decrease in traffic. I host a few blogs and other websites that average about 100 hits daily according to Google Analytics.

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But make sure all configuration have same as old one IP address Severer.

means functionality and server tag configure properly.

I see one web site when they switch Host (or IP) they face canonical issue in his website and this become head ache.

So keep eye on these and enjoy with new one.

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It have no affect, SE are indexing pages by domain name

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hosted wrote:
It have no affect, SE are indexing pages by domain name

You are absolutely right, SE doesn't consider your IP

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There will be no effect at all, thousands of people migrate their websites from one hosting provider to another, but never face any problem. Make sure the indexed urls are not changed, that will mess up the ranking as SEs will start reindexing urls as new urls.

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I think changing IP address does not affect rankings because I tried changing IP before and I didn't notice that there were changes in rankings.

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Hey.. it is not at al possible because it dosen't consider the IP but by only a domain name, so you must check the other causes for the same and take right action to fix..

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No, it is not. SEO Rankings are based from domain names.

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Not really. IP address change is just like a 301 redirect. In general, Search engine bots moves everywhere in the domain and its internal,external and index links irrespective of the hosting domain.

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