Data recovery

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My server was hacked and I had over 40 databases on there. Everything was shut down. The hosting company had to clean the server off and I had to ftp 100 sites back up.

How difficult is it to recover databases fuly in tact? Should I expect my host to be able to recover all of them? What is the usual fee for a hosting company to do this kind of recovery?

My host wants to implement a "disaster recovery plan" in case a hack of this magnitude again and says it will be an extra 60 -80 dollars per month for this plan. This plan will allow data to be easily restored , he said. Does this sound right?


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Yikes what type of server are you using (windows , linux , etc) many hosts i know of have automatic back ups and im sure that they would be able to just restore a full backup. so i guess the question is what hosting service are you using?

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It is hard to say whether the $60-80 would be worth it. Would need to know how they are backing up now and what they would do for the extra money. The other issue is how was the site hacked. Was it because of their negligence or yours? If it was because of theirs, then I would seriously consider another host just because they want more money out of you because of their negligence. Also is this a dedicated (managed or unmanaged)server or a shared hosting plan (reseller).

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You can create a backup of whole data in other disks everyday and when you hacked you can restore the data. With the help of software you can restore data from a disk whose data is deleted somehow.

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This thread is closed due to age and that anymore all it gets is people posting "definitions" of what data recovery is just to get their signature to show.

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