Best practice for calculating media file downloads?

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I need to calculate the number of video and audio file downloads from our media server.

Our media server hosts all our audio files (mp3) and video files (mp4) and it is dedicated to this task i.e. it doesn’t host any html files or image files etc, and we parse our IIS log files monthly using Stone Steps Webalizer.

When I look at the Webalizer stats most of the ‘hits’ are ‘code 206 partial content’ and most of the remainder are ‘code 200 ok’. So for instance our most recent monthly Webalizer stats look something like this -

Total hits: 1,600,000
Code 200 - ok: 300,000
Code 206 - Partial Content: 1,300,000

The total hits figure is much larger than I would expect it to be in relation to the amount of data being served (Total Kbytes). I suspect that Webalizer does not group multiple 206 partial content response codes from the same IP/visit - i.e. multiple 206's that should be considered a single request/download – and because of this the total hits figure is being vastly inflated.

What do you think? Does anyone have any experience in this area that they can share?

Any help or advice would be much appreciated.