APC Article: SSH - Managing file permissions using CHMOD

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A new article is available on aPaddedCell, part of a series on using SSH to administer a server, this covers setting file and directory permissions. Here is the summary:

When installing scripts on your website you will often be asked to change the permissions, or CHMOD (change mode). The instructions for doing this often include cryptic sets of numbers, such as chmod 775 There are actually two ways of setting permissions using chmod, using numbers or words.

Read it here: SSH: Managing file permissions using CHMOD.

Another article in the series will be released next week, on creating directories with full access for multiple users.

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I think than "man chmod" will help everyone

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Nah. A lot of the man pages are esoteric descriptions and don't help people new to linux (or people who just want a quick example). I'd take Megan's article over man chmod any day.

There should be a command in GNU linux called megan that brings up her articles on commands:
megan chmod

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LOL! OMG, that's hilarious!

Glad you enjoyed my tutorial!

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