Apache 2.x on WinXP Home--Security Issues?

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I downloaded the latest (as of 1 month ago) Apache 2 and installed it on my WinXP Home PC.

I'm hoping someone can help me figure out what kind of security issues I need to worry about. I've looked at the "Security Tips" on a few different sites (they looked like the same article), but it looks like they're for *nix boxes.

I want to use this for a web site that has a pretty small amount of traffic--until the traffic builds up enough to justify a web host anyway. I'll be using Apache 2, PHP 4 and MySQL. I downloaded the most recent release of each from their respective web sites about a month ago (maybe a month and a half).

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Try Sygate's free firewall ... http://smb.sygate.com
It's pretty good, though we used to get occasional DOS attacks it didn't cope with.
About 3 weeks ago we paid for the professional version which is a whole lot better, and to date haven't had a single hacker make it through.
Sygate also has a facility to test your firewall from outside your site, so you can be sure you don't have any holes.

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