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Hi there, right then, got a bit of a problem with this site here, http://www.govicinity.com/test/

In Firefox and Safari on the Mac it works perfectly, I see the navigation (top left) and the logo (top right), with the div containing the flash animation behind them, brilliant.

But when I get onto my PC I notice that in IE6, IE7 and Firefox the div containing the flash animation has jumped in front of both of these two divs... much head scratching. On first load of the page just for a second you see both the navigation and the logo, but then they go!

The Z-Indexing is configured correctly, but there must be something I don't have quite right. I usually don't use Z-Indexing, I usually use floats on all my sites to achieve what I need, but this one I need to have the animation behind these other two elements... anybody got any ideas? Cheers for having a think about it guys and girls.

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Try changing your wmode to transparent.

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Did you ever solve this? I tried to download your page in order to play with it, but was unable to do so. But the first thing I'd try is to change the 'wmode' from 'window' to 'transparent'.

Hmm. Why did the previous answer not show up in my browser before I posted???

One caveat - these days the noscript tag is pretty useless, as many times the JavaScript is blocked by a firewall rather than the browser. The noscript tag only works if scripting is off in the browser... :\

HTH. Cordially,

Cordially, David
delete from internet where user_agent="MSIE" and version < 8;

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Hi teammatt3 and webwhizz, brilliant thanks, the wmode was all that I needed to change, spot on. All working brilliantly now.

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