Where to post an audio file?

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I need to embed some audio files on web pages. I've been using this format:
<embed src = "audiofile.mp3" hidden autostart=true loop=true></embed>

I have been embedding them, just after the tag. This works fine, except that there is a pause of up to 30 seconds on some computers before the audio begins to play.

Is there a way I can make the audio start as soon as the page is opened?

Thanks, in advance,


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It is probably pausing so that the audio file can buffer for playing back. Nothing to do about that unless you get it preloaded into browser cache on another page (not too reliable)


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Thanks for the quick reply.

One other question: Visitors to my site will be using a variety of browsers. That being the case, do you think it is better to use the <object> tag instead of the <embed> tag?

Thanks again.

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