Sliders not displaying properly

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Hi, I am having trouble getting the sliders on my website to display properly and am hoping I might find help on this forum. I am very new to web design, I've only been at it for about three weeks and may have some fundamental errors in my site.

Everything seems to be working fine in Dreamweaver Live View and Preview modes, but when I upload everything to the server the sliders don't work. It kind of looks like the CSS is not being linked properly, but I have double checked the links and can't find a problem.

I also noticed that things look fine in Safari, but when I checked the site from a PC with IE everything looked messed up. I feel like I should tackle the slider issue first, though.

Can anyone offer help? Also, would it help if I upload the html and css files with this message?


The website is at

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show the sample!

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