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Sorry new here - hope this is the right place to post

currently have a framed site set up 15 years ago using frontpage and like it because the nav bar is always visible and only one file needs to be changed and then they all change.

But it is not exactly responsive

Looked at bootstrap but nav is clunky and doesnt have multi level dropdowns.

What are my options? I know a bit of HTML and CSS and am doing some tutorials to learn more.

The site has well over 1000 pages so it is a massive job. dont want to make it worse by having to change all pages each time a menu option changes.

Another of my sites uses "includes", but you still have to publish all files by ftp when the include file changes or the changes dont show online.

Hope someone can help

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Yes, this is absolutely the right place to post. And welcome here!

It's hard to think of a way to do this without a lot of manual work. Ideally you would want to move this to a CMS, to make it easier to manage, but that would be a lot of work to manually copy 1000 pages of content.

If you're using includes, you shouldn't need to re-upload all the files when one of the includes changes. That's the point of doing that - you change one file and the changes will apply site-wide. So, something is wrong if you're needing to upload all of your files to make those changes apply. Are you using PHP includes or server side includes (.shtml extension probably)?

To make your menu stay fixed on the screen, try using the position: fixed in your CSS (on the containing wrapper div).

After that I can't give too much direction on making the layout responsive unless I can see what you have now. Could you post a URL? Does it use tables for layout inside the frames? That will make it more difficult to convert.

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Save yourself some of the pain and hire a developper.
You can thank me later Smiling

Seriously now, instead of doing all of this on your own with the "little knowledge of html and css", hiring someone else will be much more cost effective.

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That's a big work to do. You need to redo the whole site in my opinion. You can use Wordpress and use a responsive theme or create a responsive website from scratch using bootstrap framework.

I agree with gwenda. If you think you can do the job asap, then do it otherwise hire a freelancer to save you time and money.

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Take a look again to your bootstrap framework and find out where the error happened. My opinion is don't bother yourself much, pick a wordpress theme and make it responsive, import all files of your site and re verify all work whether it works fine or not!

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Great post, I particularly liked the showcase as I don’t have a smart phone/tablet so only see sites on desktop/laptop.
I’ve been using the ‘Less Framework’ recently, very useful!

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