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Hi, I have a JS HTML editor (not a WYSIWYG) that I downloaded and it works fine, except that any input with quotes causes it to break. I need the quotes for things like HTML and CSS classes etc.

If I have quotes inside the onClick, it fails completely with an Object expected error. If the quotes are escaped with a \, I get an "unterminated string constant" error, with this showing where a button should be.



class=edleft --- works
class="edleft" --- errors
class=\"edleft\" --- errors

This is what I have now:
One of the JS button and the doAddTags function.

// the button code (example)
document.write("<img class=\"edbutton\" src=\"/rail/edim/lft.gif\" name=\"btnCode\" title=\"Align left\" onClick=\"doAddTags('<div class=edleft>','</div>','" + obj + "')\">");

// the bit that handles the onClick
function doAddTags(tag1,tag2,obj) {
textarea = document.getElementById(obj);
// Code for IE
if (document.selection) {
var sel = document.selection.createRange();
sel.text = tag1 + sel.text + tag2;
} else {
// Code for Mozilla
var len = textarea.value.length;
var start = textarea.selectionStart;
var end = textarea.selectionEnd;
var scrollTop = textarea.scrollTop;
var scrollLeft = textarea.scrollLeft;
var sel = textarea.value.substring(start, end);
var rep = tag1 + sel + tag2;
textarea.value = textarea.value.substring(0,start) + rep + textarea.value.substring(end,len);
textarea.scrollTop = scrollTop;
textarea.scrollLeft = scrollLeft;

I hope someone can help on this as I'm not much on Javascript and a solution would allow me a lot more scope for button handling in the editor.

Thanks in advance - Ted

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Try using single quotes, (apostrophes)...


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