Problem with getting page to be compatible with all browsers

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I designed a website that looks great in Firefox and Chrome, but when it loads in Internet Explorer the images don't line up like they should. I use CSS and HTML. Im just looking for a quick easy fix, it doesn't have to be perfect.

The link to my site is:

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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First thing would be to make sure the code behind it properly validates:


PS. get rid of the autostart on the video. Nothing more annoying than hitting a site and it has some type of audio that auto starts playing.

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If it doesn't validate then what should I do?

the video is supposed to start up automatically, it's meant for them to watch the presentation video.

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You mean the two big blue banner images? The second one appears to be jutting out to the right in IE, is that what you're asking about?

What's actually happening is that in the other browsers, everything on the page is centered in the browser window. In IE, the centering is only working on that "View the training video" image (because it's wrapped in <center> tags).

This is happening because your page is being rendered in what's called "quirks mode". This is what happens when IE doesn't know which version of HTML to use. In your case, there is no opening <html> tag at all. You should have a <DOCTYPE> tag as well as an opening <html> tag at the very start of your html file.

The validation link that Greg posted reported these errors, although, I can understand if that didn't make sense to you Smiling

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