No-follow/do-follow rel tag ?

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I have a website & there are many sub-page in i-frame & my questions is that what should be the i-frame page rel tag do-follow/no-follow so please let me know .
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It is generally a bad idea to allow bots to crawl (and/or index) iFrame sub-pages, as they are usually not good for solo-viewing. Usually I would advise anyone linking to iFrame content to use rel="nofollow" on the links which control iFrame content. It is probably a bad idea to allow search engines to index these pages unless you're sure you can redirect visitors back to the parent pages properly.

Hope this helps.

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It’s a link is set as nofollow, it means Google bot won’t crawl the link and Dofollow link help you much in order to achieve good page rank.

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i too have a related question:

if i add a blog post like 'list of game websites/top designer blogs' what rel condition should i set to those links...and why...?

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