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I am brand new to web deisgn. I have gone through 4 books that do projects and actually do a sight while working through the book. It does not seem so hard when you are following along and someone is telling you what to do.

Now once you are on your own and actually put all the knowledge together is feels a lot different.

This is a sight I am making for my family to see where I live and it is only for pleasure as a hobby.

Now that I have started on my own to make this I feel like I don't know what the heck I am doing.

If am very confused about layout and reading about liquid layouts, elastic layouts and etc. I find if I resize my window and as it gets smaller that the page does not stay centered and the right side of it is gone as you screen keeps getting smaller.

I have not seen in any of the books I worked through what I am trying to do so it is very confusing.
If anyone has the time to look at my index page I would very much appreciate it.

Oh and also at the very bottom of the page there is 2 small purple lines I can not figure out why they are there.

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Hi carlynn,

Welcome to the forums, and welcome to web design!

When you're first starting out, it's probably best to keep it simple. "Liquid" or elastic layouts sound like a good idea, but they are harder to do. That said, it sounds like you're not too far off.

The problem here is that there is still a fixed pixel width on the #allcontent div. This is on line 130 of your index.html file. Just remove that width: 1200px and your site should scale to fit the window.

Feel free to post with any more questions you have!

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