Locally site looks great, but online some elements are askew

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Working on a new html bootstrap theme: I uploaded it to a subfolder on my existing web site just to check it out (no changes made), and even though it looks fine when called locally in File Explorer, when I view it online some of the codes are missing. The menu, slider, carousel, buttons -- several are not appearing correctly. Any thoughts?


Thanks in advance!

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My first guess is that there is a CSS file missing on the server but, I took a quick look and couldn't find anything.

Can you show us what this is supposed to look like? Is there a live preview of the template we could look at?

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Since you place it in a subfolder, you have to change the file location in your web pages. For instance if you have picturefilename

img before src="http://sitename/image/picturefilename"
img after it should be src="http://existingsitename.com/subfoldername/image/picturefilename"

it also apply to your js files, css files, html and php pages.

Check it.

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