JS degrade nicely plus transition issues - scrolling slides

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I'm trying to create a javscript scroller following the example at: http://www.deadmarshes.com/Blog/jQuery+Slideshow+with+Crossfade.html

Unfortunately this version doesn't show anything when javascript is disabled but I'd like it to at least show the first image and caption and then just not move.

I stuck together a fiddle


Does anyone know how to make the initial transition not happen and just have the first 'slide' there?

Also I adapted this slightly to show 4 slides instead of 3. I changed 3 to 4 in two places in the JS (where it's keeping tally) and that seemed to work alright but now in FF when you click on a few of the numbers to change slides a few times then let it go back to normal running, the indicator which is meant to show which slide you're on starts appearing all over the place. The timing of the transitions also goes weird. It's like clicking a couple of times means the transitions and the pointers are going a couple of times. IE there's more than one bit of JS moving the slides and pointers, resulting in strangly timed transitions and more than one pointer. Could that be possible?

I assume that's to do with the way it's being counted in the JS but I haven't a clue what it's doing to be honest.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Hey there, I'm still struggling with this. Anyone got any ideas?

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Is there a reason why you chose this script? If it were me, I would just find a different script Laughing out loud Although, I'm not that great with JavaScript either. These are two that I've had success with in the past:


Both have the ability to customize various aspects without having to mess with the actual slider code.

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Hey Megan, you're trying to single handedly solve all my problems, thanks for your help Smiling

I've spent a bit of time getting this slider to work the way I want it, although it's the first one I've ever tried so next time i'll use something else but in the meantime it just seems like a whole lot less effort trying to find a fix for this (which must be simple for someone who understands JS!) rather than trying to figure out another bit of software.

That said, it's starting to look the better option

thanks again for the help

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