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Does anyone know if there is a way to get an image swap without using Javascript?

In other words, could I set it up so when I hover over a link, an image will change to another one in HTML, CSS, or PHP?

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Neither HTML nor PHP can do this, not at all.

CSS does have hover options, but be careful as issues with images and flicker in some browsers is common.

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Couple of suggestions:

1. Use a background image on the link, and swap it for another on a:hover

2. Use a single background image that has both images in it, and simply change the background position on a:hover to reveal the alternate image

3. Using inline images, use absolute positioning to put an image that's inside the link over the top of the alternate image. Change the visibility of the image inside the link to "hidden" on a:hover to reveal the one underneath.

Not the only possibilities, but hopefully enough to get you started.

Cordially, David
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