IE7 needs to be dropped?

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When is IE7 going to be officially dropped? it's a pain for CSS, javascript and HTML. So many sites that are built do not work in IE7. Does anyon know if it is going to become unsupported anytime soon and is the reason it is still in -play because of MS servers?

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The reason it is in play a lot are the people who 1. Don't know better, 2. Work on corp systems who can't upgrade, 3. have illegal copies of windows so can't upgrade.

Be grateful, IE7 is WAY WAY easier to work with than the days of needing IE6. LOL


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I don't think it's necessary to completely drop support for it at this time. It's not that bad. I am becoming less and less concerned about how things render in IE 7, though, depending on the project. With progressive enhancement you can add effects for browsers that support them without affecting the experience in older browsers. So, for example, I don't care if corners aren't rounded in IE7, or the shadows don't appear, or whatever other CSS 3 I'm using. And if things don't line up properly or there are other minor display problems, then that's okay.

Otherwise I'm kind of used to the problems that might occur (e.g. no support for inline-block) and can fix them pretty easily with a conditional stylesheet. HTML5 doesn't work in IE 8 either, so you still need a work-around for that anyway.

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