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Anyone can tell me html5 will be work on notepad or it requires specific editor?
and which tags are mostly use in html5? anyone suggest me good resource...

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FWIW - Notepad++ (free) is way better than Notepad.

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it is advance version of Html so it is good.

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I love website designing very much. As soon as I came to know about HTML version 5, I did a detailed study about it. It is really good improvement in previous HTML 4.
Like previous version, HTML 5 works finely on notepad, but we should have HTML 5 enabled web browser to show its results. HTML5 has additional features such as canvas element for drawing , other elements like article, aside, figcaption, figure, footer, header, hgroup, mark, nav, section, time etc. HTML5 has also the feature of audio and Video embedding in the code.

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I also really like HTML5, even tough I don't know how to code, and I also love to use it to design web sites. I've already worked with Adobe Edge and now i'm testing the A5 HTML5 Animator. I think all these tools a great, since I'm still a beginner. Smiling

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HTML5, works on notepad.There is no any change while writing codeing. It is same as we previously write in notepad and save as extension name .html

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Works on notepad or any text editor. I also prefer Notepad++

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