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Hi Team,

Good Morning!

I have more than 5 "a href" tags in the file. I want to change the color for only one href link.

Please advise me how to change that.

Thanks in advance.

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Is this the only time you want to change the colour of a link? Or is this something you would want to do in other places around the site?

If this is the only time, you can just put a style="" attribute inside the link tag, so it would look like this:

<a href="/path" style="color: #0000ff;">Your link here</a>

If you want to use this colour elsewhere, create a class in your CSS file and put that into your a tag, like this:

<a href="/path" class="blue">Your link here</a>

And the CSS would look like this:

.blue {
  color: #000099;

And hopefully you're not using a WYSIWYG editor that's going to strip those class and style attributes out. That would be another issue!

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HTML Link color can be changed using this code
inside anchor tag type a href="filename" style="color: #CC0000" and here type the anchor text then close anchor tag.

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