html 4.01 or html 5

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which Html method helps more in SEO ? Please give your Reason . & how to make flash sites more search engines Friendly in HTML 5.

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I am using HTML 5 boz its support all kind of tolls , layout .

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what is the main difference between HTML 4 and HTML 5, as much I know the syntax is same they only improved some functionality.

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HTML5 has more fuctionality than HTML4 so use the more feature HMTL5

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I know from nothing about SEO. Sorry.

As far as general use goes, you can use the new DOCTYPE safely with HTML 4.01 and XHTML 1.0 markup with no downsides. Personally, I'd avoid the new elements on a commercial site. While a simple JavaScript "shim" works great on geriatric browsers, an estimated 2% of visitors have scripting turned off. Search engines don't run JavaScript, but do recognize the new HTML5 elements. Smiling

On a personal site, where your visitors are more likely to be using a competent browser or have scripting on, you may well be able to leverage the many advantages of HTML5. YMMV - check your visitor stats.

Cordially, David
delete from internet where user_agent="MSIE" and version < 8;

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I like HTML5 because it provides lots of benefits for SEO. Key benefits of HTML 5 for SEO are:
Web pages faster download times experienced, and Web pages are indexed and efficiently with a cleaner code search
HTML5 video more searchable and indexable for search engines
In HTML5, the video is a browser-based, and incredibly fast. For slow Internet connections, there is no buffering, because the file downloaded and played in HTML5
Offers great stability, because the painting is in the browser when compared to a plug-in included
Store large amounts of data without affecting the performance of a website
New form options enable enhanced functionality and design on mobile devices

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HTML 4.01 is good..!

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html5 is good & creative...

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HTML5 is best it's a latest with good advance features.

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I think HTML5 is the best to use. It is new version of HTML and it has many of good and advance features that really good to use for creating web pages and website.

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I think html5 is best option, which include awesome and easy tool.

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HTML5 contains much better support for media like video and audio tags.

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HTML5 is be better now. I use HTML5 for design my website

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html5 is good.!!

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