How to Speed Up website

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Please help, How to Speed up my website.
My site:

While loading it's taking too much of time.
Technologies Used:
Front-end: Bootstrap
Back-end : PHP (CodeIgniter Framework) , MySQL

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Your site looks good. What type of hosting you use? What is the server uptime of your web host? I suggest getting a dedicated server and add more resources to your database. You can also use cloud hosting.

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It is karma kicking your but for claiming you are the fastest portal... (just joking)

2.2 seconds just for your server to let me START downloading the code behind the site (forget all the assets is has to get with it for now) is way to ridiculous!

Even if I subtract the .26 seconds to even establish the connection (and I know it isn't an issue on my end) that i still almost 2 seconds to generate code which is more in line of a massive mess of a Wordpress site on a cheap shared hosting plan.

You need to dig into the code to see what is taking so long to generate it, such as bottlenecked large database queries, etc. Time to generate the code code should be under .02 seconds at MOST imo, Look into caching!

After you get the site being generated in a decent time, then you can focus on speeding up assets with things like CDN.

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First you can check your traceroute report using cmd on windows. Run cmd.exe and then type tracert[space]your domain, just hit the enter button. After trace completed if you see the "request timed out" for your website then you have to consult with your hosting service provider. If they couldn't fix this, you can consider a new hosting company to host your site.

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Javascript, Jquery, CSS libraries are the reasons behind page loading issues. Every time webpage is loaded all of these libraries are called. To get rid of this issue best practice which has been recommended by professionals is to place all these libraries in the footer area. For Wordpress users ready made plugins are available which can be used to get rid of this issue like Minify.

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