Google Map - Open in new window with same parameters

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I am developing in a client project since few days. I am stuck at one place where I have to display the page that show a google map in it. There is one link "print" that allows a user to open a new window which shows the same google map with same zoom level and latitudes/longitudes. I am able to open a window but failing to show the same google map in the new window. As I don't know any way of referring to the parent window google map objects.

Please help me and give me some hint/url to solve this problem.


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I know that when you are looking at a map on, there is an option to get the URL for that map to link to it later or send it to someone else. If that functionality is there, then there should be a way to fetch that URL with a little Javascript, and then open that link up in a new window.

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Google map is a service of Google. It known as Google earth application which run internet. It work on satellite which provide the best result of search area.

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Google map is the service of Google company ... it works like other application of Google ...

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