css for unordered lists

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I don't have a strong css background and I need some help. I need to change the css for a single table in a very complex website. I don't want to edit one of the css sheets that are there. However I would like to override one element of 1 page. The site now double spaces any <li> object. How can I style the page or <ul> tag to single space each object?

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So you want to do this inline? Or can you put something into the <head> of the individual page?

It depends on why this double spacing is occurring. It could be a line-height or it could be padding or margin set on the li tags. Use Firebug to find out.

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go to w3school and practice on CSS online..

you can use the undored list like this

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w3schools.com and Wikipedia is the good for basic JavaScript.

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