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I'm having trouble with a website that i'm currently working on getting the CSS to work properly with. The website is http://www.tn-enasmc.com The CSS in the code shows as follows:

<link href="../css/main.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />
<!--[if IE]><link href="css/ie.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" /><![endif]-->

I am not very familiar with css and was needing assitance as to if this is the proper layout to make my pages view the css file to correctly layout the page.

Assistance is appreciated!!

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What problem are you having, exactly? This seems to work okay this end.
FWIW: There is no need to put that rule for IE 6 in a separate file. You employ the "star - html hack" that targets IE 6 anyway. No other browser will see that rule, even if it is in the main.css file.

Cordially, David
delete from internet where user_agent="MSIE" and version < 8;

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yup code seems to be ok..dude..you dont need to worry from this part..im pretty sure what ever problem you are having it is not from this code..
can you please explain what exactly problem is coming on your side so we could help then..

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Your code is ok i think your problem is where to define CSS for apply on pages?? right??

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according to the coding rules, u have implement the css properly using external css code, just check out that u are using correct path for css...else everything is fine!

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jlp816! you are vanished after asking the question. Does the problem still exist? I visited your website and styles seemed to be working fine. It appears that you got the solution of your problem.

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I have visit the sites by my Google Browser, Firefox, and two IE browsers...It works great, mate.

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youe code is okay...i cannot find where is the problem...sorry

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