APC Article - CSS fundamentals: The absolute basics.

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This article will begin a series on CSS fundamentals. To begin, we need to understand what CSS is and how to use it. This article will include a definition of CSS, an overview of what a CSS rule looks like, and a summary of the methods available to use CSS in your web pages.

Future articles in this series will go into some of the more complex concepts which explain why CSS works the way it does. This will include concepts such as the document flow, the box model, the cascade and inheritance.

Read it here: CSS fundamentals: The absolute basics.

Although the first few articles in this series are written for complete beginners, more advanced CSS authors may find some of the future articles to be useful.

We are looking for contributing authors in this series. If you are interested in writing about concepts such as the box model or the cascade, please let me know. We may also expand it to include a summary of the basic types of properties (fonts & text, lists, tables, box properties etc.).