Vonage + Broadband = Lower Bills

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I finally convinced my parents to get cable internet. I told them if we got cable internet and Vonage VoIP, it would be lower than our current internet and phone.

Vonage charges 14.99 a month for 500 minutes and comcast is 42.99 a month for cable internet. We used to pay around 60 bucks a month for unlimited minutes from AT&T and an extra phoneline for dial-up.

Getting phone service from Vonage does have its cons. You are limited to 1 phone unless you buy another phone adapter which costs about 60 bucks. And your phone has to be close to your router. The setup costs for Cable and Vonage were kind of expensive but over time they will pay off.

Just thought you might want a heads up about it (Especially you dial up users Wink)

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