Trouble installing Drivers

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A while back, I posted a thread because I was having problems with my CD-Rom. At the time I thought that it was the registry, so my question was how to clean the computer's registry. But apparently it is not the registry. Neither one of my CD-Roms work anymore, including the one that came with the computer. I had installed a new CD-Rom over year ago, and everything was fine. About 2 months ago, I turned on my computer and both of the CD-Roms wouldn’t work. So I uninstalled them and reinstalled them and they still didn’t work. So I decided to by an external CD-Rom and that one doesn’t work either, but it does on another similiar computer. I get the same error message for all of them:
“Windows successfully loaded the device driver for this hardware but cannot find the hardware device. (Code 41)”.
Obviously it found it, or it wouldn’t know to load the driver. How is it that I can’t add CD-Roms to my computer anymore?Confused

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What I could think of is that your OS is having the blues... or second on the list is the BIOS of your MOBO....

For the first one, if it's an XP system, try using the XP repair disc... if it still doesn't work, try updating your BIOS version... both of those steps work on most Hardware problems... but I feel most probably these two solutions could do the trick...

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Another suggestion is to download and burn a Knoppix LiveCD (from a friends house, or anywhere with a CD burner).

It's an OS built especially for this sort of problem. You'll need to set your BIOS to boot from CD, then if Knoppix successfully loads it's definitely a Windows XP problem. If Knoppix does not load, it's a hardware problem. Also try accessing the CD-ROM from within Knoppix, just to make sure it's able to mount it properly.

Good luck. Smiling

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