Spyware Protection

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What programs do you use to protect yourself from this fairly dangerous threat?

I use Ad-Aware, SPybot and MS Antispyware Smiling

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On my PC, Ad-Aware and SpyBot. On my Mac, it hasn't been necessary yet.

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When I was running windows, I just found that being smart about where I was browsing helped a lot so, didn't install any anti spyware programs. Using firefox (as opposed to IE) helped a lot in that area too.

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Lol... I use a Mac so it's not really an issue at the moment. Smiling

I used to have a Windows PC and it was a constant nightmare. I'm a careful person and don't download porn/warez but still got all that kind of rubbish. The problem comes when you download some free app and the install the crap without permission. I think I had to format my machine every 6 months or so with Windows. On OSX I've been running for two years and not had to format once yet!


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Try using NOD32 it stops everything.

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Here's what you need:

  1. Spybot S&D
  2. Ad-Aware
  3. Firewall
  4. Anti-Virus
  5. OPTIONAL: Tracks Eraser Pro
  6. OPTIONAL: Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer
  7. OPTIONAL: FireFox or Opera

Nowadays having a Mac doesn't mean anything in the security arena, in fact I think the myth that Macs are invincible is slowly being chipped away at. NOD is okay, I suppose, but it's no better than any other anti-spyware program, IMO, and there's plenty of free stuff out there, so be choosy.

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I use anti-vir for virus protections and Xsoft for spyware protections and Adware for adware protections...

Since I have those...I never get infected.I ment my PC:D Laughing out loud

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I use norton antivirus. It gives the solid protection to my pc. It protects my pc from viruses and threats that come through websites. You should also download norton antivirus.

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Always it is necessary to install an anti virus in our pc which will be helpful to protect our pc.

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Thread Fire is the best for spyware .

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Spyware Protection is necessary always. Spyware is the term used because of the slyness of this malware. Using different antivirus can help detect this kind of malwares or viruses.

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I love ESET.
Not Kaspersky.

Windows Defender is a good bare minum.

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