Software all computers should have:

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I have found that the only way to be safe to browse the internet is to have these pieces of software:
Norton Anti Virus 2003 and up
-With the real-time virus protection, and spyware protection now in v2004 this software stops many viruses and scans your inbox with Outlook.
Cost: $50 US
Sybot Search and Destroy
-Works great by scanning your hard drive and searching for spyware and eliminating it. Be sure to use the immunize feature, as that seals the holes in IE.
Cost: Free
-This is a download inside Spybot S&D, and it stops even more of the IE spyware holes including the ActiveX ones.
Cost: Free
Using these three in combination has worked excellently for me. I have not ever received a virus, and I got rid of spyware before I had Spybot.

Anyone have any suggestions to this list??

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I wouldn't advise anyone to use Norton AV 2004. It is a big bloated piece of software that has problems. 2003 is okay though. You can also get AVG for free that does a great job for AV. I am not as big a fan of Spybot as I have been. It seems like the newer version 1.3 runs slower and is a bit buggier than before.

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mairving wrote: AVG for free that does a great job for AV.

when i had avg it sucked i was wondering why i wasnt getting any viruses then my aunt downloaded nortan 2004 and it picked up 26 viruses avg didnt pick up any

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I have been beta testing the new SP2 for XP ... Other than a few minor bugs I have found it invaluable in patching the IE holes and the MS exploits ...

I am still a huge fan of NAV but I will agree that the 2004 edition blows ... I use the 2003 Enterprise edition on my system but have tested the others ...

As for S&D I really enjoy it but it does not cure all that ails you ... the only real cure is to watch where you surf and set your controls pretty tight ... the popups asking for permission may get a bit annoying but they are worth it if you consider the problems in removing those insidious spyware problems ...

The only real addition I have found to round the entire group up is Tracks Eraser ... it does not cost much, and is a splendid tool in getting rid of those monster Dat files and the temp files that never seem to fully be gotten rid of with the standard windows utilities ...

Overall you are always going to need to keep tabs on your system for odd issues ... the more issues that come up the more need for softwares to cure it will come up ... Nature of the Beast

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All computers? You do mean all Windows-running computers, of course. I haven't suffered any malicious activity on Linux. Ever. Wink Let's not forget our Mac-using friends too... Smiling

The Windows box runs Avast! AV + ZoneAlarm + Ad-Aware presently. They're still in their trial periods or whatever for now. I'm planning an attempt at installing Linux on that old piece of junk soon. Sticking out tongue

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Quickfix : fixes the wholes that microsoft cant

Pestpatrol: The best antispyware program

Tiny Personal firewall - free : 100% configable software firewall -- If you dont have a hardware firewall:

Symantec antivirus Corporate edition
Version 9 rocks, but isent Cheap Smiling

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Add to the above:

Diskeeper defragmenter

AdAware for spyware/adware removal

HyperSnap for taking screen shots

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Norton antivirus is one the best antivirus. If you have norton antivirus then you not need to prefer any other protection software. now a days norton antivirus 2011 is very popular antivirus. You should use this norton antivirus 2011 with advance features.

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You can try to search online..there are many software available for free to download.
You can also take Norton antivirus free version and protect your system from virus ...!

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I think every computer must have:
Adode Reader
Avast antivirus
Internet Download manager.

CPA network

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I use to use IE and also
have adode reader and
some download managers
Norton Anti Virus may make our pc systerm slowly

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Software all computers should have:
1. Firefox
2. Adobe Reader
3. Torrent
4. ybot Search and Destroy
5. Antivirus (Kaspersky is good one)
6. Google Talk
7. yahoo messenger and Skype

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1.Anti-virus software,like Norton
2.Office software,like Micro Office
3.Brower,like firefox

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computer must have complete office,word pad,anti virus softwares

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All computers should have an antivirus, firefox, and office processing softwares like word and excel.

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If you're talking antivirus, Kaspersky is definitely #1 on my list. I've been using it since it launched and haven't had a single issue.

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