Roxio MyDVD run time error

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A friend of mine has a Dell Inspiron laptop.. Since yesterday he has been getting an error message from Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library when he try to run Roxio MyDVD. It says a runtime error has occured in C\Program files\Roxio 2010\Video UI12\Videowave 12.exe. Can't figure out whats the problem. Looking forward to hear your advice to fix this issue.


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Hello there!
I have the same problem. This Roxio sucks big time. I have 8G RAM, Windows 7, NVidia 9500GT grafic card and can't make any movies. So much money and night time-suffering! The same - an't open, VideoWave must be closed, now C\Program files\Roxio 2010\Video UI12\MyDVD 12.exe.
Did you find a solution? Please contact me at Thank you!


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