A real big problem (password protected folder)

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hello members

I have been using my computer at home for 2 years.
And the problem is that there is a folder (4 gig) which was made 3 years ago and someone put the password on it. Now even admin login cant delete that file. I dont want to format my hdrive....

My friend says the password was set long time ago and was in d drive
I only formated c drive and instal new os. Now I haveing big time problem on deleting that thing..

please help, is there any software or way to delete that file

thanks in advance

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You will need to boot from a separate disk. There are several ways to make a bootable disk for all windows systems. once you have booted from t6hat disk you should be able to get rid of it.

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wow what a problem.. can u please tell me how do u put password on a folder... actually i just recently asked on this forum how to put some software to do that but i was recommended to use some built in system on xp.... i is however good but still i would love to know how to put password on folderss.... if u know it,,,,, please tell.........

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