password protect folder on a network

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I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me solve this problem. I have a several computers on a small network. Of that network, there is one computer acts as a file server. There is a shared folder in C:\ drive that is shared with all computers on the network. They all run on windows XP Pro.

My question is this. is it possible to password protect the sharedfolder on the fileserver? what i really want is once everyone logging to their computer that's attached on the network, they start trying to gain access to the folder on the fileserver. But before they gain access, they have to supply a password. Now, i'm talking about across the network, not on the local computer. I mean i found password protected folders that actually works on the local machine only.

Your help is highly appreciated and look forward to hearing from you.

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so you are asking is you can protect a shared documents folder

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Assuming you have the Administrator rights to the fileserver the methods outlined in the following Microsoft article should explain how to set permissions on a network share.;EN-US;307874

The article is not too advanced so it should be easy to follow.

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