mouse going loopy

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My mouse has just decided to either zoom at the bottom left or top right corner - itkeeps doing this sporadically and I can't use the pointer while it's doing it - has anyone seen this before or know how toi stop it?

I have tried unplugging, re-starting - the extents of my ability basically! any help would be appreciated! ( if I can get back online to read them!)

Thanks in advance


Toby Frost
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If you are unable to do anything with the mouse, then maybe you should think about investing in a new mouse. Or you could try to re-install the mouses hardware on your computer. Do this by going: Start > Control Panel > System > Hardware > Device Manager. When you get there, search for the name of your mouse, it should be under Mice and other Pointing Devices. When you finished that, if it says you need to restart your computer, restart it. When you log back in it will automatically re-install the hardware and it should work. If it doesn't tell you to restart, don't worry about restarting. Just go back to control panel and click on the Add Hardware wizard. Just follow the step by step guide it gives and it will reinstall the mouses hardware. Or, if you are using a wireless mouse, you may want to try and reinstall the drivers. If this doesn't work then you need a new mouse

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Thanks SuperSam... will try my puny brain at that!

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If your mouse has a scroller, turn it to 0 at the mouse control panel. Sometimes the culprit is the scroller...

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a new mouse is probably gonna be the easiest thing to do, $10 gets you a non-loopy mouse.

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mine did that exact thing and it was a bad optical sensor in the mouse. bought another one and worked great

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Thanks guys, my new one is working smoothly now!

I am alway reticent to pay out for a niggly problem like this as my luck would have it as a virus and new mouse would be the same and I would be like, :blech:

Toby Frost
Frost Conservatories

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congrats on the mouse accomplishment

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There are two causes for such prblem one is it might be due to software for this you can simply reinstall mouse driver and 2nd cause is hardware problem for this you can check the slot where mouse pin is inserted shake this joint slowly and restart your computer.

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Im glad u jst went and bought another 1! I had to do that... our freakin loopy mouses man lol... it'll b the death of me one too hehe haha
Sticking out tongue :p

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I think gpm is messing x's mouse if so thought that only applied to bus mouse …….!
Anyway check and reinstall software if you have any problem.

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Just try to buy an new mouse it would be better and easy.

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Very interesting indeed, sorry that I don't have a solution to your problem

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