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hi guys, i have an new AOC LCD 716Sw, and i have problems with some of the colors i used in my website, and it is hard to match the color settings... what do you think about this unit model? or i just have to replace this with other...

thanks... Sad

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There might be possibility of your VGA output error (or limitation of VGA Card),First test by connecting any other monitor/LCD then conclude.

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can you use color profiles? I am no expert on color profiles - but I know color matching is a big issue within our office - we run a number of different screens "warm" - and others "cold" - and show clients the difference - the web is a NASTY medium for color matching, because you can show your client a web page on your screen, they sign off on it, and then get back to their office and phone having a fit because their monitor is completely differently setup... there is no solid answer.

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Go to the settings and change and just adjust the color function according to you.

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Go to setting and set as use default. hope this will help you, let us know if it's works!

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If your provided with a graphic CD which comes with your LCD please use it to install the required graphic option which is available in the CD

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